Prescription Refill information

The Children’s Program is now using an online prescription refill request form.

Using the online form will get a faster response.


Some conditions require an office visit with your provider before your prescription refill can be approved. In this case, please schedule your return visit before leaving the office.

Do not wait for your medication to run out. Your provider must review and approve all prescription refill requests. Some medications require insurance pre-authorization as well. Please submit your refill requests 5 days before you will run out of medication. Refill requests received after 12 p.m. on Fridays, after business hours, or on weekends or holidays will be reviewed the next clinic business day.

Please be aware whether your medication requires a script that must be presented at the pharmacy or if it can be called in. If you have a current prescription that can be faxed or called in and no changes have been made to your medication dosage, contact your regular pharmacy directly. We will be notified of your request by the pharmacy.

If you are using a new pharmacy OR have any changes to your prescription, OR are taking a medication that requires a written prescription please leave a message on our Prescription Line. Remember to allow sufficient time as noted above (5 days) for your request to be completed.

We will try to address emergency prescription requests if possible. We do not always have a physician in the office to fill these for you. These requests will incur a $10 fee.