Pay Attention to Attention (and Behavior Too!) – In Person Class

May 6, 2024

This in-person weekend class is designed for elementary age children (1st – 5th grade) who struggle with self-control and/or effortful attention (AD/HD).  We will focus on teaching children to exercise self-control in peer interactions, so that they can work productively and play appropriately. The in-person class setting will closely approximate classroom and social situations, so that your child can practice these skills in a representative environment. Parents will observe the class so they are better able to reinforce these skills through at-home practice.  

The group is led by Jeff Sosne, Ph.D., a child psychologist with more than forty years of experience. He specializes in helping children with attention and self-control problems, and has offered these groups more than 200 times.  

This is a two day workshop, held over the course of a weekend. All sessions are held in person.

Saturday & Sunday, August 24 & 25, 2024
9:00am – 12:00pm each day (breaks included)

Location: The Children’s Program, 6443 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Suite 300

Cost: $500.00/ weekend (not insurance billable), but includes subscription to all Pay Attention to Attention online modules.