DHS at the Children’s Program

How It Works

We provide complete psychological evaluations for children as young as days old and up to 18 years of age who are in DHS custody/guardianship.

To initiate a psychological evaluation at the Children’s Program, complete the appropriate online form listed on this page. A new form must be submitted for each person to be evaluated.

* We will no longer complete parent/child and/or sibling interactions. *

After careful consideration by our DHS team, we have decided to no longer routinely offer sibling and parent-child interaction observations. While the courts request that interactions be completed, we have had ongoing concerns about their clinical validity. We often state as a disclaimer in our reports the general nature of these kind of interaction observations (i.e., a controlled, time-limited situation where the participants are aware, they are being observed), greatly limits our ability to draw bigger conclusions or to more definitively answer specific questions regarding relationship dynamics or relationship capacity in alternative settings (i.e., the home, community, etc.).

DHS referrals are a 2-step process:

1. Before scheduling we require all consents, the caseworker’s referral letter, and a list of questions that DHS hopes to answer with the evaluation, to be submitted all together. The referral will not be considered complete without these documents and the requested appointments will not be scheduled until it is complete.

2. Before scheduling we must receive a 729 form, please request authorization for the following billing codes: Please email this form to DHSinfo@childrensprogram.com.

· 90791
· 96130
· 96131
· 96136
· 96137

Once we have received the completed referral and the 729, we will provide the caseworker with a link to schedule. After scheduling, you will be linked to the child in the DHS portal so you can add any collateral information deemed relevant.

If you have any questions about completing these forms, please email DHSinfo@childrensprogram.com.

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