Soobin Im

Psychologist Resident, PhD.

Soobin is a psychologist resident who received her doctorate in School Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She completed her internship at Children’s Program and has worked with children with anxiety/OCD and their families and completed psychological evaluations for children with adverse early life experiences and complex trauma. Prior to her internship, Soobin has completed her training in public schools and outpatient settings where she completed psychoeducational evaluations for suspected concerns in ADHD, specific learning disorders, anxiety, and other behavioral challenges. Soobin enjoys collaborating with child’s teachers and caregivers to gain holistic understanding of child’s concerns and provide consistent support across different settings. She strives to learn and incorporate families’ cultural values so that treatments can be more responsive and effective. 

Supervisor: Nichole Sage, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist #2456

Psychologist Resident






Young Children & Teens

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